What is autoCSR ?

Let us create the CSR for you!

AutoCSR is a concept application developed by Globe Hosting, Inc. for GlobeSSL Certificates that enables automatic generation of the CSR and private keys, unique and absolutely secure delivered to the requestant, in order for him to place an order for a GlobeSSL Certificate.

The procedure is quite simple:
1. fill in the forms required with your informations
2. submit the form
3. save informations received or check the email used to place the order for those files.

You`ll find 2 different fields and/or files: the CSR wich must be used to generate the request for the SSL Certificate and the Private Key, wich must be saved, and than used with your hosting provider to setup your SSL Certificate.

Access the AutoCSR from the follwing link: http://confirm.globessl.com/autocsr.html

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