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CSR Generation: iPlanet 4.x & SunONE Application Server 6.x

Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) using iPlanet 4.x or SunONE Application Server 6.x

To generate your CSR, you need to log in to the administrative web-interface of your iPlanet/SunONE server. This is usually at: http://<yourserver>:8888/

  1. Log into the iPlanet/SunONE administation interface. Select the server instance you require the certificate for and click 'Manage'.

  2. Click the 'Security' tab at the top of the page, then from the left-hand side, click the link for 'Request a Certificate'.

  3. Fill your information into the form. Set the option for 'Submit to Certificate Authority via:' to 'CA Email Address' and enter your own email address.
    The 'Common Name' is where you should enter the fully qualified domain name of the website you require the certificate for.
    Note: for wildcard certificates, the Common Name should be in the format: *.mydomain.com

  4. After you have clicked 'OK', you will be presented with a summary of the information, and the CSR. You can now copy and paste the contents of the CSR into the enrollment form when requested. Be sure to include the whole CSR, including the -----BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- line and the -----END NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- line.

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