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CSR Generation: Oracle using Oracle Wallet Manager

Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Oracle using Oracle Wallet Manager

To generate your CSR, start the Oracle Wallet Manager program.

  1. Select 'Operations' from the main menu. Choose the option 'Create Certificate Request'.

  2. You will be presented with a form, complete the information.
    The 'Common Name' is where you should enter the fully qualified domain name of the website you require the certificate for. Note that Oracle Wallet Manager does not currently support wildcard certificates.
    Set the keysize to at least 1024 bit, preferably 2048 if possible.
    Do not click the 'Advanced' button, unless you specifically have been instructed to.

  3. Click 'OK' to create the request, and 'OK' again to return to the menu.

  4. Select 'Operations' from the main menu again, and choose the 'Export Certificate Request' option.

  5. Choose a path and filename to save the CSR. Click 'OK'.

  6. Locate the CSR file in the path you just chose. Open with a text-editor and copy and paste the contents into the enrollment form when requested.

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