How do we see/recognize web sites protected by extended validation (EV) certificates? Print

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You need to be using Firefox 3, IE 7, Opera 9, Safari 3.2, and Google Chrome 1.x.

These are the only browsers as of Dec 2008 that support the EV identifier. Typically this modifies the color of the address bar. If a site uses an EV Certificate and it is valid, it typically changes some part of the Address Bar to a shade of green.

Most browsers do support EV, but do not change the address bar. Only these listed do so.

EV Certificates as seen in Browsers

Some tips to see the EV color change
* IE 7 requires the Phishing filter (Tools Menu) to be on. On XP it is off by default on Visita it is On.
* Firefox 3 requires OCSP to be On. This is enabled by default.
* All Scripts, Images and content needs to be marked as HTTPS instead of HTTP.

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