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Certificate Installation: iPlanet 4.x & SunONE Application Server 6.x

Installing a Certificate on iPlanet 4.x or SunONE Application Server 6.x

You will need a Dedicated IP for the SSL domain. You cannot install the SSL on to a IP where are more then one domains!

You will have received your certificate from us, a file typically named 'your_domain_com.crt' as well as the Ca Bundle [or download the Ca Bundle]

You need to log in to the administrative web-interface of your iPlanet/SunONE server. This is usually at: http://:8888/

  1. Log into the iPlanet/SunONE administation interface. Select the server instance you require the certificate for and click 'Manage'.

  2. Click the 'Security' tab, and from the left-hand menu choose 'Install Certificate'.

  3. Change the 'Certificate For:' option to 'Trusted Certificate Authority'. Enter the 'Key Pair File Password' (the password when iPlanet was setup or the CSR was generated). Enter a certificate name of 'root'. Now you need to upload the rCa Bundle Certificate. You can either enter the location to the file, or open it in a text-editor and copy and paste the contents into the box.
    Click 'OK'.

  4. You will be then shown the certificate information. Click 'Add Server Certificate' and accept any pop-up messages.

  5. Now repeat Steps 2-4 with the Ca Bundle.  Choose the 'Certificate For:' option 'Server Certificate Chain' for the Ca Bundle.

  6. Finally repeat Steps 2-4 using the site certificate (the file which has your domain in the filename). Choose the 'Certificate For:' option 'This Server' and do not enter a 'Certificate Name'.

  7. The certificate is installed, and now you can setup the server to use it. Click the 'Preferences' tab on the top menu. Choose 'Add Listen Socket'.
  8. Note: if you have iPlanet 4.x, encryption is turned on with the 'Encryption On/Off' button from the 'Preferences' menu. Simply choose 'on' and enter a port number (usually 443).
    For other versions of iPlanet or SunONE, continue the steps.

  9. Enter the listen socket details. Set the 'Listen Socket ID' to a name for this setting, enter the 'IP Address' and 'Port' (usually 443). Enter the 'Server Name' and change the 'Security' drop-down to 'Enabled'. Set the 'Default Virtual Server ID' (the default option is usually selected). Click 'OK'.

  10. The server is now configured to use the certificate. A restart of the server may be required for the changes to take effect.

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